Yesterday’s War is a board game about life 50 years after the apocalypse. The story goes deep and wide. Like the story a lot and want to experience it as a player? You can play the print-and-play and Tabletop Simulator demo for free here.


The Main Storyline of Yesterday’s War


It’s been fifty years since the War ended, and two hundred and thirty since the War began. The city of Elysium stands bright and shining in a sea of ashes and rubble.

Our grandparents lived in squalid bunkers from a bygone era. They salvaged war machines to fight the never-ending War started by people who had long since been dead and whose grievances had long since been forgotten. They continued a never-ending cycle of retaliation and revenge, just as their parents did, and their parents’ parents, and their parents’ parents’ parents.

When the War ended, they left their bunkers like hollow shells and wandered exposed on the open earth. The bunkers were repurposed as farms, as they were – and remain – the only means of growing food on this scarred earth. They lived in decrepit starships like hovels during the decades it took to terraform the nearby basin.

After thirty years, they never made the ground fertile, but they did make it safe. We could walk the plains without hazard suits and respirators. We carved out our precious few thousand square kilometers. We could build the city. We could build our city: Elysium.


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